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Many years ago when I first came to England after my marriage to an RAF sergeant who has worked as a freelance translator for a company in London. We lived in the Royal Air Force quarts Married in Oxfordshire. I was only nineteen and had been married only about six months when I received calls from my boss in London on an urgent task. In general, sent the documents to translate for me and after application, I turned to her, but in this case it longporntube was necessary that I should travel to Leeds, where he was hired Norway client in a difficult yarn import / Yorkshire export of whale oil change Norway. It was so urgent that the client sends a car for me that day. As you can imagine I was very excited with the idea of ​​a drive of Leeds and a couple of nights in a luxury hotel and gladly accepted. My husband was not happy, but I could not sweet talk all the words that the fee would be useful, and I had promised bonus if the agreement failed to materialize. The car came against three o'clock longporntube in the afternoon. My husband had stayed home to say goodbye to me and took my suitcase in the car. It was a great di Limmo American type and the driver was a fat face, red, funny guy who seems to be about sixty years. He greeted us cheerfully and said longporntube it was Tom. His appearance was reasure my husband and he kissed me goodbye. When I was in the back of the car, the driver said. 'It is like a long journey and feels more comfortable longporntube in the front' I said, 'Well,' and I was amused in seeing. a glance at the legs as he slid into the front seat. This was before the days of seatbelts and the car had a bench type front seat. It was a hot day and I wore a button with the blue dress summer, which had pushed for longporntube something a touch of nylon show above the knee. As there was nothing spectacular, I let it be and walk away. I was beginning longporntube to realize that, like Tom shook his hand touching my knee. that was very subtle and at first I thought I was imagining it, but after a while it actually was rubbing the back of his hand against my better half. I must admit I was quite enjoying it and we talked as we drove along. As we are in the north of the main road, of course, had got no reason to keep the change and finally dose off. When I woke up after I watch a few minutes to me and I realized that fell on the floor, and my head on Tom 's shoulder. It felt good, so I closed my eyes and did not move and then I realized that during my nap of my dress had worked its way almost to longporntube my underwear and my dark nylon stocking tops, bare legs and tie color rose were in the save screen. Then I wondered how this was done, I felt Tom's hand slid up my dress and I thought that the devil is crafty rises slowly my dress, I slept all the time. Suddenly I felt very thought and seeing what he was thrilled. I tor stir in my sleep and froze the hand, but since I opened my legs a bit, relaxed and his hand was between my legs suddenly feel my pussy through my panties. As he touched me I felt my underwear pink nylon wet and after a while, it drips. Tom has the status of my underwear, but have not found asleep, and said, '.. You can make your eyes now open, I know the status of your underwear, you're awake, ' I opened eyes and smiled cases. He said: '.. I know, ahead of a quiet longporntube place in a forest, only a small part of what we are saying is that we stop for a pause, ' I put my hand on his dick and I unzipped his fly and thrust into my hand to take longporntube his hard cock. I have to longporntube say it was a beauty at least eight inches and I find it very difficult. She put on her dress to the waist, so he could see my underwear wet and rubs her clit through the thin fabric. After a few more miles, when we went aling Othe caress moved from the window at the streetn is a side track in a forest. As we pulled up I could feel his cock throb and I quickly jumped out of the car I face the sunrise over the hood and dragging my panties to one side of his hard cock stuffed in her pussy and began to darn hard to say, 'Sorry a love so quickly, but these days at my age I have no opportunity to take 19 years I started to get meters. Oh shit I 'm running. ' and sperm is injected into me. I must admit that although I enjoyed some ways I had not come, and I was a little discouraged, but was crushed by what was so attractive that I was not to help just had. any case, we have wiped out and continued our journey to stop for a snack and a couple longporntube of drinks on the way then just longporntube before Leeds, reached into another street, where we arrived at the back of the car and finally got pulled. Then I got the full treatment, sucking and kissing my tits and nipples then my pussy and clitoris. It also sucked my cock in full erection, andI gave a fuck really well and I did away twice. 09th was 00 hours, while waiting at the hotel and the client with a Hans Nielson came to the living room. He was in his thirties, tall, longporntube blond and very handsome. When I looked at him, though he longporntube had been caught twice I felt a twinge down there. He greeted me and longporntube told me to start work the next morning, meanwhile, can have a drink and ordered a bottle of champagne. Reminder: '.. My God is the life that I've fucked deeply and now I'm drinking champagne,' We talked in general, and had a few glasses. He told me to call Hans and was in the room, which was now empty, and said casually: 'You know that in Norway, which was the custom, when the husband of a woman, put the bottles of champagne in your average. set purchase is 'I thought, ' I know nothing ' But I said. ' Far from me f, go against tradition, ' and knelt down and lifted her dress to her waist and began. umble with my top half and then see dried semen stains in my socks and testing of the last run in my underwear, she laughed and said, 'I was pretty sure that the old Tom was on the way up and outside the State of socks and panties shit I think I took it twice. ' admitted and in no time I was in his room naked and fucked several times before dawn. He took me at least twice a day for the next day and so did the company through and gave me a hefty premium as well as several Pussy - fulls his sperm. As Tom, who had served with a big cock and me. After Tom completed took me home and, of course, took me twice on the way back. when my husband asked how I was. I told longporntube him I was actually quite boring. What was not said was that what he was bored with two big cocks. for some jobs and Hans gets fucked by both he and Tom had all the time age.
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